Too much mucus build up in lungs due to cat dander allergy

by Simon

Hi Matthew,

Are there any exercises or acupuncture techniques which could reduce the mucus build up in my lungs or reduce my allergic reaction to cat dander? I have to use a Ventolin (Salbutamol) inhaler because I can't breathe sometimes when it is bad.



Matthew's reply: Hi Simon, there's a breathing exercise that may help you. It's a cleansing breath but I have it listed on my site as a tiredness remedy because it also boosts energy.

I suggest you also consider taking Chinese herbal medicine. It is typically very good for allergies and to boost immunity. A practitioner of Chinese herbal medicine will also be able to give you dietary and lifestyle advice that is specific to your unique situation and state of health. If you are in the UK you should have no trouble finding a qualified, experienced practitioner of Chinese herbal medicine.

An acupuncturist can also help. Look on (Community/Find a Practitioner) to find one who uses Acugraph diagnostic equipment. Acupuncturists also usually prescribe Chinese herbs or can refer you to someone who does. The Acugraph test is quick and easy and will accurately find internal organ imbalances related to your problems of mucus build up and allergies. These issues are tied together, they are not separate, unrelated problems.

If you have questions about acupuncture or Chinese herbal medicine for mucus buildup, allergies, etc, or about the breathing exercise, just post below.

All the best,


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Congestion, Digestive System Not Working Properly

by Manon
(Raleigh, NC)

I have been told I have too much congestion in my system since my digestion is not working properly, which I have been told is due to my spleen meridian not working properly. What exercises can you recommend?

Matthew's reply: Hi, please see my article which includes exercises and general advice on how to improve sluggish digestion. General exercises like walking will stimulate digestion but there are some other, more specific things you can do yourself. Note that while exercise will help stimulate your digestion, you probably also need to adjust your diet and how and when you eat. Tips for doing this are included in the above article.

If self-help techniques don't improve your digestion then you should see a professional practitioner. You mentioned you've been told your spleen is not functioning properly so I assume it was an acupuncturist or Chinese herbalist who told you. The spleen, in Chinese medicine, has an important role in digestion.

If you need to locate an acupuncturist I suggest one who uses Acugraph diagnostic equipment. This will quickly and accurately detect whatever internal organ imbalances you have. Rarely is just one organ imbalanced. In Chinese medicine when the spleen is imbalanced, the stomach, liver and/or lungs may also be imbalanced. (Community/Find a Practitioner) lists Acugraph practitioners in the US (and other countries too).

Feel free to post any further questions here. All the best.

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