Chinese Traditional Games:
What Do YOU Do For Relaxation
and Mental Stimulation?

Stroll through the streets of China and you'll see and hear people playing Chinese traditional games for relaxation, fun and more.

You'll also see plenty of interested onlookers watching and commenting on the strategies and moves of the players.

So, what are some games that Chinese play?

Ancient Chinese games like chess (xiang qi), encirclement chess (wei qi), which is similar to chess, and checkers (tiao qi) are popular board games. Tile games such as mahjong (majiang) and dominoes (gu pai) are also keenly played - just walk by virtually any apartment block, day or night, and you're sure to hear the loud click-clack of mahjong tiles being moved about.

Why are Chinese traditional games like these so popular? Chinese tile games and board games are not only enjoyable, they're also challenging. They therefore require brain usage, which is why middle-aged and elderly Chinese in particular like to play them regularly. According to traditional Chinese longevity principles, playing games that are fun, relaxing and mentally challenging is an ideal way to improve and maintain your mental health and help slow the decline of old age.

While you may not enjoy games like chess or checkers, it is important that you have your own ways of relaxing and stimulating your brain. The saying, "use it or lose it", definitely applies to your brain! If you're looking for ways to relax, improve your thinking and memory and cope with anxiety, stress, worry and other negative emotions, start doing breathing exercises - they're a simple, extremely effective method for calming your mind, balancing your emotions and greatly improving your overall health and wellbeing.

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