Calories Burned in Deep Breathing Exercises?

by myst

Does anyone know how many calories are burned in an hour of deep breathing exercise?

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Deep Breathing and Calories Burned
by: Anonymous

Not sure as it would depend on what kind of deep breathing exercises you're doing - there are so many - and your age, state of health and other factors too.

Deep breathing does burn calories though by increasing your oxygen intake and your metabolism. And of course there are many other related benefits, such as increased energy levels, craving control, better sleep and improved emotional balance.

Each morning I combine a breathing exercise called the Bellows with the Ab Lift and have no doubt it helps firm and tone my belly.

Maybe other readers can add more info.

Burn 3500 Calories in 1hr of Deep Breathing
by: Dr. Trella Dutton

You will burn approximately 3500 calories, or 1 pound of ugly fat! I know, I did it. I was losing a pound a day, but I was very committed. If you pick up "Be a Loser" by Greer Childers, she tells you how many calories are burned. During her research she discovered that 1 hour of deep breathing burns 3500 calories. Good Luck!

Calories Burned
by: Lilly Adams

Monitoring calories burned during your workout routine could be really helpful in keeping you motivated. I use this website that tells you how many calories were burned during the exercise you did that day:

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