Acupressure and Breathing
Exercises for Anxiety

"Acupressure and Breathing Exercises for Anxiety" - a self help program for anxiety, panic attacks and other emotional problems.

Hello, Matthew Scott here in China.

Did you know Chinese people have done acupressure and breathing exercises for over 2000 years to calm and relax themselves?

These are simple techniques anyone can do.

In this acupressure and breathing exercises
program I show you:

  • 7 acupressure points and 3 breathing exercises that stop anxiety, panic and stress
  • 4 self-massage techniques for relaxation and energy
  • How to stop an anxiety attack or panic attack
  • 12 diet and lifestyle tips to help stop anxiety

I've done traditional Chinese exercises myself since 1987 and teaching them online through this website since 2005. For ten years in Australia I was a professional Chinese medicine practitioner.

How do acupressure and breathing
exercises stop anxiety?

When you are anxious your heart beats faster and may skip beats. Your breathing quickens and becomes uneven. Slow, deep breathing calms and relaxes you and this causes your heart and breathing to normalize.

The acupressure points for anxiety are the same points used in acupuncture. The difference is there are no needles in acupressure - you use your fingers to stimulate the points on your body.

Finger pressure on the anxiety acupressure points helps normalize the function of the organs associated with anxiety. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) these are the heart, spleen, liver and kidneys.

With this program self help for anxiety is easy and accessible for anyone with a computer. Just watch the online videos and follow along as I do the exercises and techniques. Included is a printable instruction manual with all the benefits and tips for each technique.

Program Benefits:

  • Calms your mind, stops anxiety
  • Balances your emotions
  • Regulates your heart, spleen, liver and kidneys - the organs related to anxiety in TCM
  • Regulates and deepens your breathing - anxious people often breathe poorly
  • Improves your sleep - anxious people often sleep poorly
  • Stops stress headaches - anxious people often get headaches

If you are looking for an effective, natural anxiety treatment try Acupressure and Breathing Exercises for Anxiety. To help you get the absolute most out of the program I also give you full online support based on my 23 years experience doing traditional Chinese exercises and self help techniques. Simply email me your questions and I'll promptly respond.

If you have questions about the program I'll be happy to help.

All the best,

Matthew Scott

Australian, former Chinese medicine practitioner of 10 years,
Graduate Australian College of Natural Medicine (1990),
Exercising the traditional Chinese way since 1987,
Living in China since 2000.

Acupressure and Breathing Exercises for Anxiety

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