Blocked Nose at Night or When Lying Down

by Derek Horrigan

Hi, I have a blocked nose at night and if i lie on my back for a while. I had surgery and it helped a bit. But now it's getting worse. Is there anything that i can do? Regards, Derek

Hi Derek, yes, there are a number of simple, safe methods you can try for your stuffy nose, such as the Nose Rub self-massage technique and acupressure.

The above link also shows you some natural remedies to clear your sinuses, and a superb breathing exercise that clears all your airways, including your lungs. Also on that page are some suggestions for eliminating possible dietary causes of blocked nose.

Any questions please post them.

All the best,


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A Deep and Heartfelt Thanks
by: Nirmal

I had to put in a note of thanks after reading this wonderful article (on how to clear a blocked nose). The techniques mentioned in the link are so simple and anyone could use them with ease. Thanks a lot again.

Matthew's reply: Hi Nirmal, thanks for posting your comment. Yes, those techniques for clearing a blocked nose are simple, and they work. They are another fine example from the scores of traditional Chinese self-help methods that anyone use to help themselves. All the best, Matthew

Blocked Nose and Sneezing
by: pinku

I always have a problem of blocked nose especially at night time and I start sneezing when i wake up in the morning. In this situation what should i do?

Matthew's reply: Pinku, it is difficult for me to know without more details. Maybe you need to look at the air quality in your bedroom at night. Is your bedroom stuffy at night? Do you sleep with fresh air coming in through a window or with an air conditioner on? An air purifier may help you.

All the best,


Blocked nose at night.
by: Furqan

Hi there. I'm 15 years old and I'm getting a blocked nose when I go to lie down in bed at night. Through the day in the morning and evening I have one nostril blocked permanently and one is sometimes fine. It has been bugging me for about for a long time now and I wanted to find a solution. I'm a boxer and have had a few bloody noses in the ring as well. Please help me I'm getting no sleep at night. Thanks.

Matthew's reply: I suggest you get your nose examined first by a doctor. There are various causes of blocked nose. Perhaps your nose has been damaged through trauma (boxing), perhaps there is a dietary cause (like eating too much mucus forming foods like dairy), etc.

One very good way to clear a blocked nose is by using a neti pot. It's a small pot, like a teapot, that you fill with warm salty water and slowly pour into each nostril to clear out your nose and sinuses.

There is an article on my site that shows you

acupressure points for blocked nose and how to use a neti pot.

Hope this helps.

Any further questions about using these techniques to clear a blocked nose, let me know.

Blocked Nose at Night
by: Mozzie

Hello there,
i have a had what doctors think is Tonsillitis for 3 months now and since a month i get blocked nose. when i am standing or walking it is all good but when i sit, lay down (either side) or sleep it just gets full and blocked, sometimes one nostril gets blocked and the other one half blocked and sometimes one nostril gets blocked and the other one really dry. i sneeze when i wake up in the morning and frequently through the day.

i get no sleep at night and this is really frustrating me. i have been to 6 different doctors not just for the blocked nose but also the tonsillitis.

regarding tonsillitis, i get swollen up tonsils (gets really bad in the morning) itchy ears, itchy and watery eyes. in the morning when i empty my nose. the stuff is full of blood. its like thick blood.

the doctors say that i am allergic to pollen, some say it heals by time, one gave me a course of antibiotics, one recommended me use claratyne and for stuffy nose use vicks inhaler and so far nothing has worked for me.

any suggestion is appreciated. thanks

Matthew's reply: Mozzie, my best suggestion is to see a professional practitioner of Chinese herbal medicine. Chinese herbal medicine is typically very good for allergies, blocked sinuses, etc.

The fact that 6 Western medicine doctors have offered no real solution gives you the green light to try a complimentary therapy like Chinese herbal medicine. Chinese herbal medicine will deal with not only your symptoms but also the underlying organ imbalances that are the root of the problem.

If you are not sure where to find a Chinese herbal medicine practitioner try or search online, e.g. "Chinese herbal medicine + your town".

Any questions about taking Chinese herbal medicine for allergies, tonsillitis, etc, just post them.

All the best,


Annoying Blocked Nose
by: Fallon

I get a blocked nose every night when I lie in my bed and this only happens at night and only when I lie on my right hand side my right nostril always blocks, as soon as I'm on my left it clears this has been going on for a few years now but it is really annoying, it's even worse when I have a cold as both block and I rarely get any sleep any advice would be great, I have been to doctors and they have given me different sprays to try but nothing long term they work when I use them but once I stop them the problem re occurs. Thanks in advance.

Matthew's reply:

Fallon, thanks for contacting me. Firstly, see other postings/comments in this thread that are related to your question. Some of those tips may be the solution you need.

Also, depending on where you are, I suggest you visit a practitioner who uses the Acugraph diagnostic system. An Acugraph test is quick and easy and it will accurately identify the imbalances related to your blocked nose issue.

Practitioners who offer the Acugraph test include acupuncturists, chiropractors and some doctors. To see if there is a practitioner near you visit and look for the Find a Practitioner link.

All the best.

Stuffy Nose Sometimes
by: Anonymous

Sir, my nose is stuffy sometimes, what can I do?

Matthew's reply: In addition to my other suggestions on this page another simple, effective method for relieving an often blocked nose is this...

Using an infrared heat lamp, which you shine directly on your nose/sinus areas (eyes closed) for 5-10 minutes, several time or more each day.

These lamps clear the nose and sinuses by heating the area which improves circulation. The heat also helps clear local infection - many types of germs (bacterial and viral) are poor heat resistors.

Perhaps the cheapest way to get an infrared heat lamp is to buy a 250w infrared bulb (such as by Philips) and find a desk lamp or reading lamp to screw it into. You just need to make sure the lamp can handle the 250w bulb - you may need to have the lamp rewired to cope with a bulb this size.

Or, buy the whole thing ready made. If you're in the US go to and look in the Tools/Articles section. They offer a very affordable heat lamp but only ship within the US.

If you live elsewhere you can at least see what their lamps look like on the site and then make your own.

A heat lamp with a NEAR INFRARED bulb is the only type I suggest you use.

If you end up getting one let me know via my Contact form and I'll send you an article on how to get the most out of your lamp - not just how to relieve a blocked or stuffy nose but other benefits too.

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