Best Antioxidant Foods?

by renes

What antioxidant foods will be helpful to someone with cardiovascular disease?

Matthew's reply: One of the best antioxidant foods I recommend virtually everyone should eat are goji berries, also called wolf berries. These small red berries are a common ingredient in Chinese herbal medicine, and in China they are also a common ingredient in soups and other dishes.

According to Western research goji berries contain:

* 18 types of amino acids
* 21 minerals (including iron, copper, zinc, calcium & selenium)
* Betacarotene (far more than carrots)
* Antioxidants
* An anti-inflammatory agent
* Vitamin C (far more than oranges)
* Vitamins B1, B6, E

And according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, which has used goji berries for centuries, goji berry benefits include:

* Nourish blood
* Kidney, liver tonic
* Improve vision
* Enhance libido
* Calm nervous system
* Improve physical endurance
* Promote longevity

While it’s most common in Chinese cooking to add goji berries to a soup, I also like to eat them by the handful. I have also blended them into a smoothie with banana, honey and milk (or water when I don’t want milk). You can also add them to tea. I mostly drink green tea and add them to this but you could also add them to black tea.

Green tea, by the way, also contains antioxidants, so this is an easy way to get more antioxidants into your system on a daily basis. If you are mostly a coffee or milk tea drinker I suggest you start replacing these with green tea. At first you may miss the sugar and milk but once you get the taste for green tea it is hard to not drink it all the time. I have 5 or 6 small pots every day. Black tea also contains antioxidants but you shouldn’t add milk (or sugar to it) if you want to get the full benefits.

As for other good sources of antioxidants, apart from goji berries and green tea, I take Dr Ben Kim's super green powder. It's an organic wholefood powder made from green vegetables and is high in antioxidants (and many other nutrients). I am on my 4th bottle now. Take a look and read the reviews. One thing you will notice is that it’s in a brown glass bottle – a sign of a high quality product. This is the only time I have ever taken a supplement on a regular basis. We are apparently supposed to eat 5 or 6 handfuls of vegetables a day, which is not always easy to do, so this is why I first started taking a super green powder.

Any questions or comments about antioxidant foods like goji berries, green tea or the super green powder, let me know.

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