The Benefit of Exercise
Traditional Chinese Style

This page outlines the benefit of exercise - Chinese style - and explains why, as you age, traditional Chinese exercises and techniques are a highly appropriate and beneficial way to get and stay in physical, mental and emotional shape.

If you're over 40 you'll definitely want to read this. If you're in your 20s or 30s you'll still benefit enormously from Chinese health exercises as they:

  • Limber & strengthen your muscles & joints
  • Invigorate your internal organs
  • Improve digestion, circulation & elimination
  • Deepen & regulate your breathing
  • Calm your mind & balance your emotions

... all of which, when you do the exercises regularly, lengthen your lifespan.

Who, regardless of age or level of health, wouldn't want benefits like these? Of course, you'll need to judge the benefits for yourself so be sure to try a sample program, via the link at the bottom of the page.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, a complete, professional medical system that has been practiced continuously for over 2500 years, strenuous exercise is only appropriate when you're young and in the prime of your life. As you age, the kind of exercise you do should become milder, otherwise you'll exhaust your qi (vital energy) and blood, possibly damage your joints and spine and, ultimately, shorten your lifespan. This is why, for instance, hard-style martial artists increasingly spend more time doing softer forms like tai qi and qigong as they get older. And, of course, it's also why professional sports people and athletes retire when they do - their bodies are no longer capable of handling the physical (and/or mental) stress.

To help explain and illustrate the benefit of exercise, traditional Chinese style, let's compare it with the Western way of exercising, whether it be running, weight training, aerobics or any number of sports.

The Benefit of Exercise - Chinese Style

  • Loosens & stretches your muscles & joints, which enhances qi & blood circulation - vital for optimum health
  • Balances your body, mind & spirit - vital for harmonious health
  • Energizes, relaxes & rejuvenates - particularly important as you get older
  • Utilizes slow, deep diaphramatic breathing, which aids blood circulation & takes a lot of stress off your heart

The Benefit of Exercise - Western Style

Of course, there are numerous benefits, however the focus is usually on the physical rewards, and the older you get the harder it is to participate in and recover from your particular sport or activity - NOT so with Chinese style exercises, which you can do well into old age. Western style exercise tends to:

  • Tighten & compact your muscles & joints, which impedes qi & blood circulation
  • Emphasize physical fitness & muscular strength - what do you do to enhance your mental/emotional health?
  • Deplete your energy, leaving you feeling tired - the opposite of what you need as you age
  • Can overly stress your heart

As a testament to the benefit of exercise, traditional Chinese style, especially for people over 40, you only have to walk through virtually any park in China in the morning. You'll see men and women right up to age 80s and 90s, doing stretching, strengthening and breathing exercises, self-massage techniques and tai qi and qi gong forms. Basically, what works is still in use - what doesn't was discarded long ago!

If you're finding your sport or exercise routine is becoming too strenuous or it's getting harder to recover,

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If you're physically fit and in your prime BUT want to loosen your spine, joints and muscles and enhance your mental and emotional health, then start doing a Chinese Long Life Exercise Program on downloadable video. Done regularly it will improve many aspects of your health AND lead to a greater, overall sense of wellbeing!

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