Belly Fat After Hysterectomy

by Jill
(Essex UK)

I developed a "belly" after a hysterectomy, how can I reduce this as it is now 15 years old? Jill

Matthew's reply: Hi Jill, for anyone with excess fat on their body - whether belly fat, arm fat, etc - there are two things they must do. These are modify their diet and their lifestyle.

Diet-wise everyone has different needs so it is not possible here to tell you exactly what foods are best for you. Generally speaking though, you need to cut out all empty calories - from junk foods, sweets, sodas, etc - and consume mostly fresh, natural foods. Cooked foods eaten warm are best according to Traditional Chinese Dietary Therapy. Too much cold, raw food and cold or iced drinks hinders digestion and can exacerbate weight issues. For more on Chinese dietary therapy see my Chinese Diet Report.

As for lifestyle changes this mostly relates to exercise, but includes such things as getting adequate sleep each night and reducing stress. Exercise to lose excess weight should consist of some kind of heart-pumping cardio exercise for at least 20 minutes, 3 or 4 times a week. It's vital you choose ones that you enjoy doing or you will not keep it up.

Here in China I do short, intense sessions of hill running at a local park. There are lots of others you can do like skipping, bike riding, treadmill running, soft sand running, running up stairs, etc, etc.

You can also do some specific exercises that target your mid-section. Such exercises can help to tone and firm your belly and sides. For this I have a program on video: Waist Exercises.

Chinese herbal medicine can also address underlying organ imbalances contributing to excess weight, as well as problems like lack of energy, poor sleep and emotional imbalances. For this you would need to consult face to face with a professional practitioner. There are many such practitioners in the UK.

Any questions or comments about Chinese herbal medicine, diet or exercise for losing excess weight just post below.

All the best,


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