Easy At Home Exercise Program
Guaranteed To Strengthen, Tone,
Energize And Relax You

Want an easy at home exercise program?

An online exercise program?

A program that shows you how to live a long and healthy life?

The Chinese Long Life Exercise Program is a highly effective exercise program for women and men of all ages regardless of health and fitness level.

It is an especially ideal home exercise program for people 40+ years of age. Why 40 and over? As you reach middle age your metabolism slows down, your organs weaken, your muscles and joints stiffen and your blood flow isn't as smooth and even as before.

The ancient Chinese discovered one of the best ways to reduce these effects of aging is through slow, gentle, smooth-flowing exercises.

Why? Highly physical sports and weight training are fine when you're in your 20s but as you age they damage your joints and tighten up your muscles and tendons, which impedes your blood flow. This is why hard-style martial artists switch to softer forms like taiqi and qigong as they get older. And it's why most professional athletes and sportspeople usually retire well before age 40 - their bodies can no longer cope with the physical demands of their profession.

The Perfect At Home Exercise Program for Women and Men

The Chinese Long Life Exercise Program is the perfect at home exercise program (or for work or elsewhere) to super-charge your health and reduce the effects of aging. It offers a balanced blend of Chinese long life exercises, long life breathing techniques and long life self-massage techniques - each one shown on high quality, downloadable video. Each exercise and technique has been chosen because it is easy to do and it works.

If you can stand and swing your arms and use your hands and fingers then you can do the Chinese Long Life Exercise Program. Some exercises require more effort but you can easily build up to them.

The Chinese Long Life Exercise Program was designed by me, Matthew Scott. I've been doing Chinese long life exercises for 22 years. I was a Chinese medicine practitioner in Australia for 10 years and I've been living in China since 2000. The program contains the essential and best traditional Chinese long life exercises based on my experience doing them myself over the past 22 years.

The Chinese Long Life Exercise Program Is The Perfect At Home Exercise Program for Women and Men.

The Program Gives You:

  • A strong, supple back, neck, arms, legs
  • Firm abs, waist, hips, thighs, arms
  • More energy, better circulation
  • Greater relaxation and clearer thinking
  • Less anxiety, frustration and other negative emotions
  • Better sleep, digestion, bowels
  • Deeper, clearer breathing, less colds and flu
  • Better overall physical, mental and emotional health

With benefits like these the Chinese Long Life Exercise Program really is the perfect at home exercise program. Read below what people are saying about it.

Praise For The Program

The program is quick, easy to do and effective. There's been a noticeable increase in my energy level since I started my daily practice. I often take mini exercise breaks during the day, which eliminates the mid afternoon slump and keeps me feeling great all day long. I'm so glad I found this program - it gets results and is well worth the money!

Diane Cesa, United States

Hello, Mr Scott. I wanted to say that I have enjoyed your programs very much and I feel that the long life exercise program has given me a great foundation for personal health.

Matthew Giliberto, United States

Thanks Matthew, I am really enjoying the exercises and feel so much better. I am surprised at how energized I feel after doing the long life program. And I only do half the amount I am suppose to. Your website is top notch. I have already recommended it to my yoga teacher.

Tina Andrews, United States

Hello Matthew, I must say that I am impressed. This is great value you have provided! Along with the PDF manuals these exercises are easy to learn, and thank you for providing the ability to download the videos to my PC.

Dan Walton, Washington State, USA

At Home Exercise Program

Full Support / Money Back Guarantee

I'll give you unlimited online support to help you get the most out of every long life exercise and technique in the program. I gladly give you access to my 22 years of experience with traditional Chinese long life exercises. Simply email me your questions and I'll promptly respond.

And if for any reason you're not happy with the program or my service, let me know within 3 months (90 days) of purchasing and I'll return your money in full and you can still keep the program. Even if after doing the program for 21 days you find you're not stronger, more toned, more energized and feeling better overall, I'll give you your money back. That's how confident I am the program will help you.

To your health,

Matthew Scott

Australian, former Chinese medicine practitioner of 10 years,
Graduate Australian College of Natural Medicine (1990),
Exercising the traditional Chinese way for 22 years,
Living in China since 2000.

Yes, Matthew, I want to order the Chinese Long Life Exercise Program on downloadable video. I understand it contains traditional Chinese longevity exercises and techniques to strengthen, tone, energize and relax me and it can be done virtually anywhere without any equipment, classes or teachers. I also understand the program comes with full email support and a money-back guarantee and that once my payment is accepted I will be given a link to access the program.

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