Chest and Arm Exercises
Without Weights

These chest and arm exercises without weights firm, tone, stretch and strengthen your chest, shoulders and upper and lower arms. If you're of the belief that there's little benefit in doing chest or arm exercises without weights, keep reading. Also included here are exercises and techniques for your wrists, hands and fingers, and a printable hand reflexology chart for locating and pressing common pressure points on your hands.

Together these chest and arm exercises and techniques build power and strength in your entire arms and upper body and benefit your overall health by stimulating blood and vital energy flow throughout your body. While they're safe to do for virtually everyone, check with your health professional first, especially if you have a history of arm and shoulder joint problems.

Chest & Arm Exercises Without Weights: Here's a simple yet powerful bodyweight exercise that does for your arms, chest and upper body what squats do for your legs and lower body. All you need is a horizontal bar or beam, a door, or even a tree branch.

Chest Expander Exercise: Chest toning exercise. Stretches and tones your chest muscles, tones your upper arms, firms your breasts and loosens your shoulders and elbows. Also an excellent warm up technique before deep breathing exercises.

Push Ups: Another powerful arm, shoulder and chest building exercise that also tones and strengthens. Use push up bars for added benefits.

Arm Rotations: Stretch and loosen your shoulders, chest and upper back. Also a very good warm up exercise before sports, deep breathing and meditation.

Hand & Wrist Strengthening Exercises: These techniques illustrate the use of traditional Chinese health balls and massage rings to strengthen the hands, fingers, wrists and forearms and stimulate important energy meridians in the hands and arms.

Hand Massage: Includes hand massage techniques and a printable hand reflexology chart showing common hand pressure points.