Anxiety Problems, Prozac

by Sunny

I come to this site in hopes of learning something that could aid the love of my life in battling her terrible anxiety issues. She is very discontent taking the medicine that is prescribed for her, as she wants to be herself, happy, but doesn't feel like herself taking things like Prozac. What would you recommend as a healthier, natural alternative?

Matthew's reply: Hi Sunny, there are many natural alternatives to Prozac. Prozac has its place in some situations I believe, but it is not a long-term solution for anxiety. It does nothing for the underlying cause of the problem. How can you know this? If you stop taking it the anxiety returns or worsens. Note, though, you should only stop taking a medication under the guidance of the prescribing doctor. In some situations it may not be a good idea to stop taking a medication suddenly.

Two simple, self-help methods for anxiety are acupressure and breathing exercises.

I suggest she try these techniques for a week or so. Do them daily as instructed. Breathing techniques in particular can be done daily forever. The idea is to do them whether you feel anxious or not and, hopefully, prevent the next anxiety attack.

Chinese herbal medicine may also be a good option to treat anxiety. Try the acupressure and breathing exercises first though and let me know how she gets on. If she gets no relief then I suggest she visits an acupuncturist or herbalist. For acupuncture find a practitioner who uses Acugraph diagnostic equipment. There are certain organ imbalances related to anxiety and these will show up on an Acugraph test. See (Community/Find a Practitioner) to locate a practitioner. Acupuncturists often also prescribe Chinese herbs which work well with acupuncture for a stronger, more comprehensive effect in many cases. Such a practitioner can also advise on diet and lifestyle factors that may be contributing to anxiety.

Any questions about acupressure and breathing exercises for anxiety, or Acugraph testing for anxiety post them below.

All the best,


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