Anxiety and Loss of Appetite

by Sia Lammerse
(Adelaide, South Australia)

Hello, I have severe anxiety and have lost my appetite. Can you help with points to increase and stimulate appetite? Thank you (the anxiety is also worse due to hormone imbalance - peri-menopause)

Matthew's reply: Hi Sia, these acupressure and breathing exercises should help relieve your anxiety and for poor appetite try these exercises and self-massage techniques. Start with the ones that seem to best match your situation. Try them for a couple of weeks. If you don't get much relief I suggest you consult a Chinese medicine practitioner regarding Chinese herbal medicine - it is very effective for anxiety, loss of appetite and many other conditions. Acupuncture may also help you. In Australia many acupuncturists prescribe Chinese herbal medicine so you can try both. The acupuncture obviously will need to be done in the practitioner's clinic but in between visits you can take Chinese medicine. This means you will be doing something on a daily basis for your anxiety, etc.

Any further questions or comments on acupuncture or traditional Chinese herbal medicine for anxiety and loss of appetite just post below.

All the best,


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Lost Appetite & Anxious for 3 Weeks
by: Anonymous

I myself have been going through a really horrible patch of anxiety. I spent a fortune on doctors thinking it could be something more. I have a great acupuncturist and in the midst of my confusion ran in and begged her to see me. About 2 hours later my anxiety lifted and I managed to eat and sleep. Acupuncture does wonders for anxiety and loss of appetite. I was beginning to think I'd never be me again. Try it it really works.

Matthew's reply: Great to hear of your very positive experience with acupuncture for anxiety and loss of appetite. Acupuncture (and Chinese herbal medicine) is good at treating these types of imbalances - ones that aren't necessarily all that serious or life threatening but that conventional medicine can't really do a whole lot for.

Yes, Western medication can be helpful in certain cases of anxiety but it should not be considered a long term solution. If you want to try Chinese medicine or acupuncture for anxiety but don't know where to find a practitioner, try (Community/Find a Practitioner). The practitioners listed there use Acugraph diagnostic equipment, which can quickly find imbalances in your body that are related to your anxiety or loss of appetite, or whatever other health complaint you have. Matthew

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