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This alternative health forum is a free service for all visitors to this site. Anyone can join in - you don't need to register or create a member login, just post your questions or comments.

There are actually a number of forums here - one for each main area of this site, such as Abdominal exercises, Back exercises and Anxiety techniques. Simply choose the forum that interests you and join in with your related questions or comments.

But please note that duplicate questions will not be responded to. For instance, many people write in asking about how to lose excess belly fat, however it has already been covered in the relevant forum. So before submitting your question please scroll down to see if someone else has asked it. If they have but you feel you really need to get in touch with Matthew you can do so via the Contact tab (below left).

As for the idea behind these online health forums and exercise forums, it's simple - to help and be helped. The more the merrier! The traditional Chinese way of health has developed over at least 2000 years. It is still in use because it works, for anyone who cares to try it, regardless of where you live. There are scores of exercises and self-help techniques on the site, plus dietary tips, as well as complete health and exercise programs on video.

So come on in - let's join together and share our experiences with and ask about the traditional Chinese way of exercising, eating, self-help techniques, treatment methods, etc. The site's owner is Matthew Scott who has been following the traditional Chinese way of health since 1987 and who has been living in China since 2000. Matthew is always happy to answer your questions about the Chinese way of health.

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