Adrenal Fatigue

by Evelyn
(Whittier, Ca)

How do i really know if i have adrenal fatigue without going to the doctor?

Matthew's reply: Hi Evelyn, in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) adrenal function is closely related to kidney function. Your energy, bodily warmth, sexuality (and other things) are related to your kidneys and adrenals.

In TCM there is a specific syndrome related to adrenal fatigue and lowered adrenal function. It is called Kidney Yang Deficiency. Symptoms include sore, aching lower back; aversion to cold; difficulty getting and staying warm; weak legs and knees; lower leg edema; fatigue; copious, clear urination; poor appetite; loose stools; infertility in women and premature ejaculation in men.

There are other TCM syndromes too that may involve lowered adrenal function. It is very common for adults to have a combination of syndromes that tie together and explain your various health problems.

The only way to know which TCM syndromes you have is to get a Chinese medical diagnosis from a trained TCM practitioner. Once diagnosed, Chinese herbs, dietary advice and other treatments will be prescribed. Adrenal fatigue can be treated with TCM. But, as mentioned, you will need to consult a TCM practitioner first.

Any questions or comments on treating adrenal fatigue with TCM just post them below.

All the best,


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