Add Fruit To Your Diet To Lose Belly Fat?

by Basiano

adding fruit to your diet can really help you lose belly fat - you can read more tips at

Matthew's reply: Hi Basiano, thanks for your tip, which I would like to comment on...

Eating more fruit may help some, not all, people lose excess belly fat. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) everyone is considered a unique individual in terms of their health and this means there is no single diet suitable for all people.

While fresh fruit is healthy, according to TCM eating too much fruit can worsen certain health problems. Fruit, according to TCM, generally has a cooling, moistening effect on the body.

Excess fat, according to TCM, basically means there is too much moisture (dampness) in the body, therefore eating too much fruit can add more moisture/dampness and worsen the condition - for SOME people.

This is what makes TCM so effective - it tailors treatment (acupuncture, herbal medicine, dietary therapy) to match each person's unique state of health. So, you may have a bunch of people with excess belly fat but they will not necessarily be given the same treatment.

More fruit may be good for some who also have excess heat in their body (showing via a red face, red eyes, constipation and other symptoms), but for other people it may not be good.

For more TCM diet tips see my chinese diet report. For exercises to help lose belly fat I also have a waist exercises program.

Any questions or comments about how TCM can help people lose excess belly fat, or about the diet report or the program, just post below.

All the best,


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