Acupressure for Ulcerative Colitis

by Scott
(California, USA)

Hi, can acupressure cure ulcerative colitis? Has there been anyone in your experience that had a similar condition and now is free from it after using acupressure techniques? Thanks, Scott

Matthew's reply: Hi Scott, I've treated people with ulcerative colitis with acupuncture and Chinese medicine but not acupressure. There's no reason acupressure won't help you though - besides, it's very safe and at the very least it won't do much at all.

I don't have anything on my site specifically for ulcerative colitis but there's a site ( that shows you a modern form of acupressure that you can do on yourself or others for virtually any health complaint, physical or emotional.

Many, if not most, physical complaints have an underlying emotional component. I recommend you take a look.

All the best,


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Acupressure and Yoga for Ulcerative Colitis
by: Ari

I have had Ulcerative Colitis for about 14 months with 4-5 flare-ups. Fairly mild, but still uncomfortable and stressful. While some Dr.s claim it is stress related, there are others who disagree. Also the relationship to food is still to be researched.

I have learned in initial acupressure sessions that skin conditions (I also have Psoriasis) and stomach conditions are closely related, as well as healthy immune function (UC is an auto-immune disorder...)

Energy balancing is central to healing stomach (core energy center) conditions and Acupressure can clearly help with that. My instructor sent me home with a simple yet powerfully helpful exercize to help correct my energy balance (i.e. have my base in my gut (just below the belly button) anchor the energy while the heart Chakra and forehead Chakra build above that like a triangle.)

Tapping sntly with loose fists on the abdomen for 10 minutes a day was suggested to be very helpful and results oriented. We'll see how it unfolds, but it can't hurt....

I also want to say that Yoga (I practice heated yoga - Bikram or Vinyasa twice a week) has practically eliminated my psoriasis !!! and has recently revered a UC flare-up that was starting....

My 2 cents...

Acupressure and Yoga for Ulcerative Colitis
by: Anonymous

Hi Ari, thanks for posting. Glad to hear of your positive experience with yoga and acupressure for psoriasis and ulcerative colitis.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), ulcerative colitis commonly results from a long term liver imbalance. The busy, stressful western lifestyle and western diet means that (according to TCM) most adults have some degree of liver imbalance.

Everyone is unique though so liver imbalances will affect each of us in different ways. Some people get digestive and intestinal problems, some get headaches, others have emotional problems, some may have 2 or all of these.

Digestive and intestinal problems (such as ulcerative colitis) due to imbalanced liver energy are very common.

TCM treatment would normally be Chinese herbal medicine and possibly acupuncture, and dietary and lifestyle advice specific to each individual. Adjusting the diet and lifestyle is essential for herbal or acupuncture treatments (or any other treatment) to be effective and lasting.

All the best and thanks again for posting.


Do proper exercise.
by: Andy

For every problem there is a way to fight it. If you are suffering from ulcerative colitis, do proper exercise. Take the advice of your physician, as well as take your medicines properly.

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