Acupressure For Feet: To Relax
Energize & Stimulate Your Body

The feet are one body area you can easily massage yourself, and to great benefit. Acupressure for feet, also known as foot reflexology or foot massage, can be done on its own or as part of your regular exercise routine to relax and energize, to improve circulation and to stimulate internal organs and major energy meridians that end in the feet.

Self therapy techniques like foot massage have been used in China for centuries and are a simple, effective way to take control of your own health. Foot massage can be used therapeutically, e.g. specific acupressure points can be massaged to alleviate pain and improve sleep, OR used to maintain your health and prevent ill health.

Below are links to pages on this site covering important aspects of foot massage, such as acupressure massage frequently asked questions and foot massage techniques. Also included is a reflexology foot chart in color, which you can use to locate the main reflexology and acupressure points on the feet.

Acupressure Massage FAQ: What can foot reflexology help cure? Is it suitable for everyone? Is it safe? How often should I do it? Find answers to these and other frequently asked questions about reflexology foot massage.

Acupressure For Feet: One or two simple foot massage techniques and a printable acupressure chart of the feet are all you need for "do it yourself reflexology".

Reflexology Walking Paths: Reflexology or cobblestone walking paths are common in China and are another simple yet highly beneficial way to massage your feet and stimulate the pressure points that correspond to your major body organs and parts.

Reflexology Foot Chart In Color: This free download reflexology chart was sourced and translated from a Chinese medical text and shows the major acupressure points and reflexology areas on the feet. Full color makes it easy to find and remember the pressure point locations.

Note: You will need Adobe Reader installed on your computer in order to view the foot massage chart. It's a free program and you can get it here (a new window will open so you can download without leaving this page).

Acupressure for feet, while a highly beneficial health technique on its own, can be enhanced by doing the following lower leg exercises beforehand. These exercises stretch and strengthen your knees and ankles, boost blood circulation and open important energy channels in the legs and feet.

Ankle Stretch & Roll
Knee Circles