Acupressure for
Extreme Hot Flashes

Is there anything i can do for my extreme hot flashes that I get on a daily basis? It is very bad and keeps me inside and has changed my social life. Help please.

Matthew's reply: Hello and thanks for your question. Via the Internet it is difficult for me to give you specific suggestions because from a Chinese medicine viewpoint there can be a number of reasons for hot flashes. However, I can give you some general advice that may help you.

You did not say how old you are or give much other detail but I assume you are a female and probably middle-aged or over. Hot flashes, as mentioned, can mean a number of things in Chinese medicine. For example, menopausal hot flashes or hot flashes related to anxiety, e.g. social anxiety.

To know what is causing your hot flashes go and see a professional practitioner of Chinese medicine, e.g. an acupuncturist or herbalist. You asked about acupressure for hot flashes. This may help but probably won't be enough. Acupuncture and/or Chinese herbal medicine will work on a deeper level than acupressure and the practitioner will first do a Chinese medicine diagnosis. This is a vital step in the procedure!
Your I.P. address tells me you are in New York. You should have no trouble finding a Chinese medicine practitioner there. Chinese medicine typically is effective for things like hot flashes as it firstly detects the underlying imbalances in your body and then tailors treatment to suit your unique state of health.

Treatment in Chinese medicine may include acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and also dietary and lifestyle advice. Often it is poor diet and an irregular lifestyle that causes (or greatly contributes to) many health problems so it is vital that you address these areas too. If the practitioner suggests certain dietary changes or lifestyle changes I strongly suggest you heed this advice if you want your treatment to work well and be long lasting.

If you are especially interested in trying acupressure for hot flashes ask the acupuncturist which points on your body will be the best ones for you to press. There are many points that may help but after doing a Chinese medicine diagnosis the practitioner will know which points are most suitable for you and can show you how and when to press these points.

If you have any questions about getting acupuncture or Chinese medicine for hot flashes let me know.


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