Ab Wheel Side Effects

by Martin
(Nairobi, Kenya)

What are the side effects of using an Ab Roller Exercise Wheel especially in relation to back and spinal cord injuries?

Matthew's reply: Hi Martin, when I first tried an Ab Wheel I thought they were great. They definitely help firm and tone your abs and belly area.

I do have a lower spine problem though and I quickly realized I would have to be very careful when using the ab wheel. Rolling the wheel out too far does put pressure on your lower back area and I learned what my limit was.

So, I suggest anyone with back or neck problems should take it easy when using an ab wheel and probably should check first with their doctor or other health professional.

I don't use my ab wheel much now as there are other, better ways for me to exercise my abs without risk of aggravating my lower spine problem. I have friends who use their ab wheels regularly though - they love them, but then again they don't have back or neck problems.

I mostly do exercises for my mid-section that don't require equipment at all. Most of these exercises are in the online video program called Waist Exercises.

If you have any more questions about ab wheels or about the waist exercises program just post them below.


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