Tailbone Pain

A few days ago I had an email from a lady asking how to stop tailbone pain. She'd had it for a few months and it was worse with sitting.

My first suggestion was to get an x-ray to see what is happening at the bone level. She obviously also needed to reduce sitting time.

I then told her to start doing a very, very simple technique that involves tightening certain muscles, holding for a few seconds then releasing and repeating a few times.

If you ever have tailbone pain - or perhaps you know it as sacral pain or coccyx pain - try the technique. It very often gives instant relief.

Stop Tailbone Pain

Let me know if you have any questions.


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Matthew Scott is a professionally trained Chinese medicine practitioner from Australia. In 2000, after ten years in professional practice, Matthew went to China to further his studies for a few months. He’s been there ever since, immersed in the culture, raising a family and showing people worldwide the Chinese way of health.


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