How To Stop Belly Fat

How to stop belly fat and love handle fat are two of the most common questions I'm asked on my exercise site.

Some people want to know which is the one BEST exercise for losing fat and others want to know which is the EASIEST exercise.

Most people who have excess fat on their belly or elsewhere have spent years doing the wrong thing (poor diet, not enough exercise, etc) and then they go looking for a quick, easy way to reverse the effects of these bad habits.

It's natural enough I suppose but you cannot realistically expect to reverse years of bad diet and lifestyle habits with just one quick or easy exercise.

You need a comprehensive approach that includes specific body part exercises, general heart-pumping exercises, dietary changes, lifestyle changes, etc.

The abs and belly fat Q&A section on the site is the place to read more on this topic.

Read more here.

Any questions about how to lose belly fat let me know.


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