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What Kind Of Skin Brush?
April 10, 2013

What Kind Of Skin Brush?

After my last tip on how to move your blood I got a few emails asking what skin brush to use. If you missed the tip see the back issues page.

The one thing to make sure of when buying a skin brush is it must have natural fibre bristles. Also a long handle makes it easier to brush your back and lower legs.

I bought a new brush a few days ago and what a difference it has made! My last one was getting too soft and I didn't realize it had also lost some of its effectiveness until after I used the new one.

The new one has stiffer bristles, but not so stiff as to scratch the skin (which you do NOT want) and the stuff that came out of my nose the next day was unbelievable. I could feel a pressure and blockage in my right nostril. I bent over the bathroom sink and blew my nose and out came a thick, sticky, rubbery ball of brownish-yellow phlegm. Yuck!

However I did not have a cold or sinus trouble or anything else going on at the time. In fact I rarely get colds and have never had a flu or sinus problems.

Skin brushing stimulated the release of this stuff from my body via my nose and after it was out my head and breathing were so amazingly clear.

The exact same thing happened years ago when I first started skin brushing so I know it was the brushing that caused the release of the rubbery phlegm from my nose. Everyone is different though. Some people notice mucous-type material in their bowel movements from skin brushing.

Try it for yourself. It has many cleansing, detoxifying and rejuvenating benefits and only takes 5 minutes a day. To learn how to do it click the back issues link and read last week's tip.

All the best,


Great idea: Create a new email folder and save each health tip for easy access later - you never know when you might need one of them!

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