My morning exercise workout today + new program coming.

For this week's health tip I am going to tell you about my morning exercise workout today. I always like to know how others exercise - you never know what you might learn.

Every day I do something a little different depending on how I feel, how much time I have and to keep it interesting. When exercise becomes boring you are in trouble.

This morning after my boys went to kindergarten I walked to our local park - a beautiful, lush, traditional Chinese style park near the centre of town. It took 15 minutes and this was my warm up.

I then spent 10 minutes running up and down a set of 50 steps. This was my heart, lungs, legs and butt workout.

Next I did some traditional Chinese style exercises to loosen my spine, waist and hips. These are on video in the Long Life Exercise Program.

I then walked barefoot along a cobblestone path for 10 minutes to stimulate the reflexology zones in my feet. This was also my cool down.

To finish off I had a Chinese breakfast in a nearby restaurant - rice congee and a pot of green tea, both of which are super healthy and staples here in China. Congee is easy to make - email me if you'd like to know how.

Tomorrow, who knows? If I go to the park I may do chin ups and pull ups on the monkey bars, or do a workout of deep breathing and acupressure techniques. I'll wait and see what my body tells me in the morning.

My news this week is about my latest natural health program. The program contains traditional Chinese techniques for stopping a very, very common emotional health problem. I hope to have it ready within a few days.

Until then, all the best.


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