Lower Back Pain

Sorry there was no health tip last week. I hurt my lower back and could not sit down to type. I could barely walk either and could only lie down on one side.

I was bending down to take off my socks when a knife-like stab of pain shot across my lower back. My legs buckled and I fell forward. I managed to shuffle across the floor to my bed and lie down. I immediately started thinking about what to do.

I'm prone to lower back pain and this kind of thing also happened 4 years ago. Back then it took more than a week to get over it and I spent the entire first night in severe pain and unable to sleep. It was the worst night of my life.

Here's how this time I went from severe pain and stiffness to almost full recovery in 3 days. If you are also prone to low back pain I hope it will help you too.

1. Applied ice/heat packs alternately, 10 minutes each time for 1 hour.

2. Did the back arch for 10 minutes.

3. Repeated step 1 while slowly walking around.

4. Repeated step 2 then slept the whole night.

I woke next day with far less pain but my back was very stiff. I repeated the ice/heat routine then went out for a walk to get my blood moving and limber up. I did the back arch again and my back felt good.

The rest of the second day and the third day I basically just took it easy - lying down, slow walking, doing the back arch and applying heat to relax the muscles. By the fourth day I was virtually back to normal but made sure to avoid sitting down and any bending or lifting.

This past week the back arch has been the most helpful exercise for me. Try it if you have lower back and/or neck problems. Also remember ice/heat packs in the first 24-48 hours of a muscle/joint injury.

Any questions about lower back pain let me know. It's something I've learned a lot about since first hurting my back 24 years ago.


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