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Healthy Juice Combinations
February 27, 2013

Healthy Juice Combinations

Last week I wrote about carrot, the most common vegetable in juicing therapy. If you missed it scroll down to the Back Issues link at the bottom of this email.

If carrot juice is the single best juice you can drink it makes sense that the healthiest juice combinations have carrot in them. One of the most common is carrot and spinach juice. A typical blend is 10oz carrot / 6oz spinach (300ml carrot / 180ml spinach).

Why carrot and spinach?

This is the basic blend for improving bowel function and properly functioning bowels are vital for good health. If you are not regularly eliminating waste via your bowels (at least once a day) you'll find it hard to permanently get rid of all sorts of physical and emotional health problems.

So, regardless of your particular problem(s), if your bowels are not working well make it a priority to do something about it.

Carrot and spinach juice can help to restore normal bowel function.

It's not a quick fix though if you've had trouble for years and you'll also need to clean up your diet and make sure you get enough fibre, exercise and water. Eliminating emotional stress is also important as this is often a factor in bowel problems.

The daily amount of carrot and spinach juice can vary from 1 to several pints (1 pint = 480ml), depending on your problem, how long you've had it and whether or not you are avoiding contributing factors like junk food and stress.

As mentioned last week there are many specialist books and websites for you to get more detailed info on juicing. Two books I have are:

1. Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices (Norman Walker)

2. The Juice Lady's Guide To Juicing For Health (Cherie Calbom)

There are many more healthy juice combinations in these books along with the ailments they can help to eliminate.

To your health,


Great idea: Create a new email folder and save each health tip for easy access later - you never know when you might need one of them!

About the Author

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