Upcoming Halloween Giveaways

This week's health tip is below but first I've got some exciting news for you! Friends of mine - Marcus, Sara and Timothy from Fatburn-Secrets(dot)com - will be hosting a Secret Halloween Health and Fitness Giveaway.

You will soon be able to get your hands on some excellent halloween giveaways - audio courses, ebooks and reports on Fat Loss, Organic Eating, Smoothies, Stress Relief, Skin Care and more.

I'll have more news in a couple of days so watch out for my next email about the health and fitness halloween giveaways.

This week's health tip: Have trouble waking up? Hang your feet over the end of the bed and gently rotate them in circles 10 times in each direction. Rest briefly then repeat a couple of times. Let me know if it helps as there are other wake up techniques too.

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