Green Tea Face, Eye Wash

Summer has arrived here in Southern China and it's getting really hot and humid. One thing I do to keep cool is to wash my face and eyes with green tea.

I drink a lot of green tea year round and while this has numerous internal health benefits, washing your external body with it is very beneficial too.

Green tea cools and cleans your skin and although I mostly put it on my face and head, you can wash your whole body with it if you want to.

But rather than making a pot of green tea especially to put on your skin, this is what I do:

1. Make a pot of hot tea to drink, as per normal. I use loose leaf green tea, not tea bags, although if that's all you have it's okay.

2. After you've drunk the tea, leave the tea leaves in the pot. When they have cooled down put a clump of leaves in one hand and squeeze the remaining tea out of the leaves into the palm of your other hand, then throw away the leaves. If I just want to wash my face I squeeze out about a tablespoon of liquid.

3. Spread the tea over both hands then quickly bring them up to your face and distribute the tea all over. Don't rub it in just spread it over your skin. Let a little tea trickle down into your eyes if you want to wash and cool them too. You can also wash your hair and scalp if you want. You'll need to squeeze out more tea for this. Let your skin and hair dry by itself.

4. Repeat a couple of times a day if you wish. I drink several pots of green tea a day and each time I use the left over leaves to wash some part of my body, mostly my face, eyes, scalp and hair.

Make sure your hands are clean before doing this, especially if you are going to wash your eyes. Also use the best quality tea and water that you can. My favorite green tea is a high mountain oolong variety from Taiwan.

There are plenty more green tea remedies too. Any questions let me know.


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About the Author

Matthew Scott is a professionally trained Chinese medicine practitioner from Australia. In 2000, after ten years in private practice, Matthew went to China to further his studies for a few months. He’s been there ever since, immersed in the culture, raising a family and showing people worldwide the Chinese way of health.


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