Lose Weight, Get Fit Fast (2)

Last week's tip on how to get fit fast with hill sprints generated a lot of feedback from people who do them and others who were inspired to start and want to know more.

The feedback reminded me of how a friend in Australia used to train 20 years ago. He was a champion rugby league player and he used to run up a grass hill on his dad's farm dragging an old tire tied to his waist with a rope. This guy was super fit, strong and fast and he scored a lot of tries on the football field.

He did hill sprints for reasons I mentioned last week:

1. It's hard to do so it tires you very quickly. You get a heart pumping, fat burning workout in around 15 minutes. It's less than 15 minutes of actual running time though as you'll see below.

2. Your weight falls on the front of your feet, not your heels, meaning less stress on your knees, hips and lower back. Normal running pounds your heels into the ground, jarring your joints.

Continuing from last week...

1. Find a hill that's around 50-75 metres (55-80 yards) long. Have a start and finish line so you run the same distance each time. Time yourself if you want.

2. Run up the hill fast enough so you're out of breath at the top. A 100% effort is not absolutely essential, especially if you are unfit (you may injure yourself), but you should be huffing and puffing at the top. Walk back down and rest for a minute then do another sprint. Do 6-8 sprints a session, 2-3 times a week with a rest day in between sessions.

It's a good idea to warm up first for 10 minutes with a light jog or fast walk. You can use the hill or flat ground. You may also want to do 10 minutes of leg stretching after you warm up, to prevent leg injuries.

I am prone to lower back and leg stiffness so before (and after) hill sprints I do a few exercises from the long life program.

It's also a good idea to cool down after hill sprints with a 10 minute light jog or walk and some more stretching.

Any questions or comments about hill sprints for weight loss and to get fit fast, let me know. Along with traditional Chinese longlife exercises, hill sprints are my current preferred way to exercise.

All the best,


P.S. Over the next few weeks two new programs will be available: Lower Back Exercises and Chinese Long Life Self-Massage Techniques.

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