Fruit Juice Bad For You?

Chinese doctors have been studying the effects of food on the body for a long, long time. I have written about this in previous tips on coffee, alcohol, rice, overeating, etc, and in my Chinese Diet Report.

Fruit juice is something most people automatically believe is good for you. And why not? Fruit is healthy, we all know that, so why does Chinese medicine say differently?

According to Chinese medicine fruit IS healthy, but fruit JUICE can cause problems. Fruit is one of the foods Chinese medicine categorizes as fluid-engendering, i.e. it supplements the body's fluids.

This is why we instinctively reach for juicy fruits like pears or oranges when we have problems like a dry, sore throat - a part of the body is dry and sore so it seeks to restore balance via something that is moistening and soothing, i.e. fruit.

Eat TOO MUCH fruit though and the body generates excess fluids, which you may notice by becoming "phlegmy".

Now, the thing with fruit juice is that compared to eating say just one orange at a time, one GLASS of juice on the other hand requires maybe 5 or 6 oranges. So, if you are drinking several glasses of fruit juice a day you are in effect consuming the nutritive essence of lot of oranges! And this is where certain health problems can occur.

Not in everyone though - we are all different. But if you regularly drink large amounts of fruit juice and you find you often need to expectorate phlegm or you often have a dripping nose (and other symptoms), you may need to cut back. Test this out and judge for yourself.

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