Foot Massage For Energy, Relaxation and More

Foot massage is a very simple, highly effective way to help yourself and others. And it feels great too. Lady Diana Spencer was apparently a huge fan of foot massage.

Here in China I have a weekly foot massage at a local hotel. I also rub my own feet, often at night before bed.

Why? There are specific foot pressure points that when pressed have a therapeutic effect on other areas and parts of the body. Even if you have trouble believing this, at the very least you should find foot massage very relaxing.

To massage your feet all you need do is sit and put the foot you want to massage on your opposite knee, then start pressing and rubbing.

To know exactly where the pressure points and areas are and what they correspond to you will need a chart, and I have one for you. To get the chart and learn a couple of simple foot massage techniques see here.

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Any questions I'll be happy to help.

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About the Author

Matthew Scott is a professionally trained Chinese medicine practitioner from Australia. In 2000, after ten years in professional practice, Matthew went to China to further his studies for a few months. He’s been there ever since, immersed in the culture, raising a family and showing people worldwide the Chinese way of health.

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