Hand Massage + Health Programs Permanently 30% Off

Several days ago I posted on my site blog that last month (May) was my best sales month ever. This despite the fact that the 5 health and exercise programs were reduced by 30% and there was no big increase in site traffic. If you purchased a program, thank you.

My wife asked why I wanted to mark the programs back up to their normal price. It made sense not to so I haven't. The programs will stay at 30% off normal price...for at least the rest of this month so I can continue testing the promotion.

Today's health tip is...

Hand massage.

Few body areas are as convenient and easy to massage on yourself than your hands. Your hands, like your feet, contain many points and zones that when pressed and rubbed have a therapeutic effect on the rest of the body.

Go to the following page, print the chart and use either your fingers or the end of a pen or pencil to stimulate the points.

Learn Hand Massage here.

Any questions I'll be happy to help.

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