Deep Breathing and Affirmations

Do you use affirmations to improve your life? I combine them with deep breathing to make them more effective. Give it a try and judge for yourself.

1. Create an affirmation related to the problem or aspect of your life you want to address. Word it positively, e.g. I am calm or I feel calm or I choose to feel calm, rather than saying something like "I don't feel nervous". An affirmation I use when my 2 boys are naughty is "I choose to feel completely calm and relaxed".

2. Breathing: Find somewhere quiet and well ventilated but not too windy. Stand with your feet parallel and about shoulder width apart. Let your arms hang naturally by your sides.

Say your affirmation once out loud. Say it like you mean it. Begin inhaling slowly and smoothly through your nose as you raise your arms out to the sides and up until they are above your head, with fingers pointing up.

Time your inhalation so your lungs are about full as your arms reach the vertical position. Pause for 2 or 3 seconds then slowly and smoothly begin exhaling (nose or mouth) as you lower your arms back down to the sides of your body. Pause again for a couple of seconds then repeat the process. Do it 10-15 times, 2 or 3 times a day.

Deep breathing is great for improving energy, focus and mood and this (I find) makes affirmations more powerful. Once again, you need to judge for yourself.

The above breathing exercise is just one you can use. You can also try other breathing exercises.

Let me know how you get on and if you have any questions.


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About the Author

Matthew Scott is a professionally trained Chinese medicine practitioner from Australia. In 2000, after ten years in professional practice, Matthew went to China to further his studies for a few months. He’s been there ever since, immersed in the culture, raising a family and showing people worldwide the Chinese way of health.


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